Andrea Rossi -The Groundwork For The Future

In 1996, bereft of family and fortune, Rossi emigrated to the United States. His diet consisted of three or four boiled eggs a day.  He got a job at a small metal cutting company in New Hampshire, working with catalytic converters. [11] These devices used nickel, and true to his nature, he couldn’t help but experiment with them, trying to make them more efficient. The role of nickel in his work would prove to be prophetic.

Soon, he was working for a bigger company. Bio Development Corporation had contracts with the U.S. DoE. Rossi’s responsibilities grew, and he soon had established yet another company which he called Leonardo Technology Incorporated (LTI).  The company still does business with the DoE and with the Departments of Defense and of the Interior. [12]
Little did Rossi know that all of these events were laying the groundwork for the most earth-shaking invention, yet.

Three years later, in 1999, Rossi returned to Italy for a brief visit. However, this was one of the times he was arrested. This arrest was for the bankruptcy of his Omar refinery – a charge for which he was later acquitted – after a year in prison and 3 under house arrest.

During that four years, Rossi understandably went through much desolation, once again facing the Valley of the Shadow of Death. He had to sell his share of LTI. [13] But, at some point, his ability to face exhausting and lonely challenges, without public enthusiasm for his efforts, resurfaced. Rossi himself said, “…they had taken away everything from me, so I suddenly had nothing to worry about…The phone never rang…the positive is that you have 24 hours a day at your disposal.” [14]

He went to the prison library, and was soon immersed in studies. Now, he says that this time period was a gift from God, because he was able to focus as never before on the sciences which intrigued him.

He had learned of the work of Fleischmann and Pons in 1989, and studied some of their work, but had been so busy with Petroldragon that he set the technology in the back of his mind. However, now that he was in prison, he had plenty of time to study the phenomenon of cold fusion, and study, he did. When he left prison 4 years later, he was ready to begin work on his own device.
Prison had enabled Rossi to lay the groundwork for his work with a new energy source. The scarred inventor and scientist found a perfect subject in the science of Cold Fusion/LENR.


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